Day 4 and 5 gave us time to spend with the rest of the family.


Aunt Gay gave the girls a water color lesson in the morning. Thanks again Aunt Gay!




Lucille Davis, Tish Clark, and Loy Gay Curran


Lucille Davis


Robert Marshall and Eddy Clark


Jack Hyden, Lucille Davis, Gertrude Hyden Branham, and Aunt Gay


Betty Francis, Phyllis "Pug" Porter, and Tish


Gertrude "Gertie", Sue Hatcher, and Sandy Hyden


Tish, Doris Hyden, Jack Hyden and Aunt Gay. Sammy Hatcher is standing up


Edford and Mary Margaret Clark..what a couple of lovebirds!


Erin with Betty Francis (Lucille Davis' Daughter)


Doris Hyden and Sue Hatcher




Tish and Eddy Clark