Most of the following pictures were taken from the video that Jim Porter was kind enough to take at the Hyden get-together. Two were taken by Gay Curran. Thanks Jim and Aunt Gay. 


Dixie Hyden, Caitlin Clark, and Megan Hyden


Megan Hyden


Sammy Hatcher, John and Sandy Hyden (taken by Aunt Gay)


Gertrude Hyden Branhour


Phyllis "Pug" Porter


Sammy Hatcher and Jack Hyden


John and Erin Hyden, Sammy Hatcher, Eddie and Robin Clark


Taylor and Eddie Clark


Sandy Hyden, Mary Clark, Lucile Davis, Debra Burke, Dixie Hyden, Betty Francis, and Doris Ann Hyden


Mary Clark, Lucile Davis, and Debra Burke


Debra Burke and her mother, Dixie Hyden


Caitlin Clark and Jack Hyden


Pug, Betty, Megan, Tish, and Harold (taken by Aunt Gay)