Thomas Edward Hyden, my brother, died in a truck accident 20 miles east of Flagstaff, Arizona Sunday, May 26, 2002, at approximately 3:41 AM. He was only 52 years old. He will be deeply missed by his children, grandchildren, wife, mother, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, in-laws, and friends.

Below are two links to online newspaper articles about the accident:

3 dead in fiery I-40 crash

Five victims ID'd in Sunday's fiery crash on I-40



The Hyden brothers, (L-R) Thomas "Tom", John, and David Circa 1958


John and Tom sitting in Grandma Elsie's rocking chair.


(L-R) David, Tom, John and Martha "Mom" Hyden


Passport picture of Martha and Tom Hyden.


Tom, age 7


Tom, age 10


Tom, age 14


Tom with my son Steven Hyden. Circa 1977


My son, Paul Hyden, is sitting on Tom's lap and Steven is in Grandma Martha's arms. Paul is about 3 years old and Steven is about 4 months old.


The Junk Yard Dogs. My Uncle Woodson, Martha's brother, is standing on the far right. He loves to collect "treasures" that other people might call junk.This is a picture taken in Woodson's back yard in San Bernadino, CA in 1986. One of my other uncles, Frank, one of Woodson's brother, is standing on the far left. Tom is in the foreground and I'm in the background.


Tom swimming with his grandchildren, Andy and Tyler


Tom's wife, Debbie, Tom, and Martha Hyden standing in front of Tom and Debbie's home in Rialto, CA. Andy is the little boy. He is about 4 years old. Circa 1990


Tom mugging for the camera with Martha and John in 2000. Tom was driving truck with Debbie when they came through Milwaukee. They stayed long enough to have supper with us at the Machine Shed Restaurant.


Tom and Debbie at the restaurant during their visit in 2000. Tom loved to show off for the camera.



This is an article Steven Hyden wrote in his column that appeared in the Friday, May31, 2002 edition of the Appleton, Wisconsin Post Crescent. Click on the article to enlarge it.





Tom's ashes are buried in Montecito Memorial Park in the city of San Bernadino, California.