I took some neat photos at Mike and Kelly's ranch but I forgot to download them to the computer before I started taking pictures in San Francisco. (What a moron!) All of the photos on this page were taken in San Francisco. We stayed at the Pacific RV Park in Pacific, CA.

View of the Pacific Ocean through our dining room window.

We rode in to the downtown area on a rapid transit train called the BART. It travels mainly underground and under the water.


We had a late lunch at a nice little Italian restaurant Paul reccommended called the Mona Lisa.

Compliments to the chef!

Found a nice little playground in Washington Square.

View from the top of Telegraph Hill. The view of the city was fabulous!

Famous tower at the top of Telegraph Hill.

Street performer in front of Pier 39.

Couldn't resist letting the girls go for a ride in this pedataxi. The driver is the one with the shades. He had a thick Irish accent. He wanted ten dollars but we haggled him down to seven.

Here they are turning around a cable car. We rode one like this back to the train station.

The kids are sitting on a piece of the main cable supporting the Golden Gate Bridge.

Paul talked us into walking across the Golden Gate Bridge.

We were sure tired puppies when we finished the hike across and back. Notice the San Francisco skyline in the background.

Breanna's tip of the day:

Bring addresses and phone numbers of friends so you can send them postcards.