Sally Hronek and her nephew Kyle McGurk


Click on the photo above to see a video of Erin and the Tippecanoe Elementary School band.


Yours truly asking, "Can I use this if I am reeeeeeealllly careful Sand?"

Mike Hronek, Linda Hronek, and Kyle

Lori Hronek and her nephew Justin Hronek

Erin, Sally and husband Mike Hronek, Breanna, and Grandma Betty Hronek

Grandma Martha Hyden, Kathy McGurk and brother Kyle, Kathy's mom Chris, Me and Grandma Betty Hronek

Brandon Hronek, Kyle, Kathy, and Erin

Sandy is between Joe Hronek and his wife Linda.Joe and linda are Brandon and Justin's parents.

Martha and Joe

Breanna, Sally and Sandy

Nice trick with the french fry can you put the straw in the other nostrill?


The leaning tower of children...Kyle, Erin, Kathy, and Breanna.


Everybody's favorite store...

"Tell me uncle Joe, did you really play tight end for the Packers when you were younger?"


The cousins, with Grandma Betty Hronek.

Middle row left to right: Kyle Mcgurk, Erin Hyden, and Kathy McGurk.

Back row left to right: Brandon and Justin Hronek and Breanna.




My son, Steven