Dr. Paul holding a new frame in which to store his shiny new PHd. diploma


Grandma Martha with Breanna and Sarah Otte, Paul and Sharon's daughter



Gee I wonder what Sharon got from ol' Santy?


Terrific, now I can talk to myself on the radio!



Gotta sit closer Sandy if you want to get warm.


Steve, here's the patio fireplace you sent. Paul was so proud; he starrted this fire with only one match.



Bottoms up! Be careful you don't burn my t-bone though.


That's better!


Let's see, what's a 3 letter word for donkey?


You gotta go out AGAIN Chance?



Paul is putting in a new storm door whilst I keep myself busy supervisin'.


Whew I'm glad that job is over! Heiny time!


Paul on his brand new Scooter. Be sure to click on the photo above or here to see a video of him riding his scooter.


Come on Paul, let's go find a Harley to race!